Risk Management Kit

As part of your Liability Insurance Policy, you have access to the resources of Affinity Risk Management.

Included in this kit you will find a waiver (& a waiver checklist for how to use the waiver), an incident report form, a rider application form a risk warning sign and a sample of emergency procedures.

Several of the documents can be modified and saved. You are encouraged to use these templates on to which you can insert your own logo. This can be done by placing your mouse over the top left hand corner of each of the documents and follow the prompts.

Then complete the details as directed in each of the fields as per your activities. You can combine all of your activities or prepare a separate document for each activity.


Neither Affinity nor Liberty are providing, nor are they in a position to provide, legal advice to you. These are suggestions. You may not rely on them as legal advice. You ought to take your own legal advice before forming a view about whether these suggestions are applicable to your particular business and operation.

Name Type Industry Description Download
Participant Application Application Equine To be completed by participants Download

Participant Application Application Adventure Leisure To be completed by participants Download

Emergency Proceedure Reference Equine Sample procedure for emergency response Download

Risk Warning Sign Signage All Download

Risk Management Template Risk Assessment Equine Risk Management review document for businesses Download