Traversing The Man From Snowy River Country

Greg ShallardEntertainment

Perhaps the most experienced and respected of all trail blazers in the Victorian High Country, Michael and Sally Watson have a reputation for riveting country rides, ranging in length from 2 hours to 5 days. Together, they’ve got well over 50 years experience on the land, and over the course of their lofty adventures they take riders through the deepest and most enchanting parts of the country, including tours into some of t locations of the Man From Snowy River.

According to the Watsons’ website, you’ll find no more authentic tour in Australia. “Our farm is an authentic working property, complete with 80 year old house and stables, 60 horses and family dogs who welcome guests back from their ride,” says Michael. “The farmhouse has a story of its own, as it was built by John Shanks whose uncle, Sergeant Michael Kennedy, was shot dead by bushranger Ned Kelly’s infamous gang.”

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