RideSafe – Safety Tips for Horse Riders

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Safety Tips for Horse Riders

Whilst we try and deny it, horse riding, driving or caring for you horses are dangerous activities. Many of us have been injured or seen friends we love injured .
With forethought before going to the paddock or arena, many accidents could be avoided or their consequence reduced.
Here are some quick and easy tips to think about before you go on your next ride.

• Equipment – Make sure you have the appropriate equipment for the activity. Ensure it is maintained and fitted to the horse

• Your Horse – Like us, horses can be uncomfortable or unaccustomed in different situations. Make sure your horse is trained and prepared for the activity you are undertaking. If you are unsure, get in touch with a local coach or trainer to help you achieve your riding goals.

• Be Aware of Surroundings – Keep an eye out for things going on around you. Including; horses, other animals especially dogs, cars, people, tree branches and other dangerous surroundings.

• Don’t Ride Alone – Ride with a friend, so you can look after each other if something goes wrong. If you are riding alone, carry your phone, and use an app like Horse Rider SOS. If you fall off and stop moving the app will send a notification with your location to your designated emergency contact.

• Insurance – In the event something goes wrong and you are unable to work, make sure you have Personal Accident Insurance in place to cover you whilst you are unable to work. Benefits can include up to $125,000 for permanent injury, wage cover, broken bones benefits and more.

To find out more horse safety tips contact Horse Safety Australia or to Affinity Equine Insurance on 1300 130 535.