APF Event Checklist

APF - Event Checklist

Are there designated areas for?

Playing Fields (including stick & ball/warm up areas)
Spectators (separated from horses & vehicles)
Competitor parking (floats, trucks etc.)
Public parking (guest & spectator vehicles etc.)
Horses (yards, stables, laneways etc.)
First Aid (competitors/public/emergency access)

Inspection of Playing Fields (including stick & ball/warm up areas)

Are each of these areas free of hazards and obstacles? (Rocks, sticks, overhanging branches, rubbish)
Are the surfaces safe and appropriately prepared for their intended use? (Slippery, too wet, too dry, dust, level)
Are the boards & cleats properly erected and in suitable condition? (Even, properly pegged )
Have the Goal Posts been checked & deemed safe for play? (Check run off areas etc)
Horses (yards, stables, laneways etc.)Has the playing field been approved by an APF Official?
First Aid (competitors/public/emergency access)