Five tips for every horse owner

Greg ShallardTips

You’ll make mistakes when you own your first horse. It’s like first love – it takes time to get used to each other, and for you to learn how to ride and care for your horse. So, here’s five things you can do to make sure that transition works smoothly, and that when you first start riding, it’s a great experience.

1. Keep Your Hands Down:

It’s only natural to try and balance yourself with your hands, and when many first time riders get on their horse, they lift their hands to shoulder height and try to balance that way. Remember to keep calm and work with the horse – if your hands are too high, you’ll lose control.

2. Don’t Be Too Tense

Just like with the reigns, it’ll feel a little strange when you ride for the first time. Just remember that your horse is probably used to having someone on its back. So relax your muscles, keep them engaged but not too tense, and always move with the horse to keep your balance.

3. Breathe

Another control thing. But when you’re learning to ride for the first time, you might notice that you forget to breathe. It seems funny, right? But it’s not. Just remember to relax, breathe deeply and relax.

4. Look Straight Ahead

Yes, we know, you love looking at your horse while you’re riding. We all do. But if you don’t have your eyes on the trail in front of you, you’re playing a dangerous game. Save the stares for when you’re safely on the ground, and always look ahead when you’re riding.

5. Hold the Reins Firmly

It’s a fine balance, holding the reins, but you can’t be too tight or too loose with your grip. Like your muscles, you want to keep the horse engaged with the reins, but steer away form the ‘death grip’ because your horse will quickly become irritated.

Happy and safe riding out there, and remember, we’re here to help for those times you run into trouble.