Equitana 2014

Greg ShallardEntertainment, News

So you’re going to Equitana this weekend in Melbourne? Then, you’d better get out and about and ready for a weekend of education, fun, and adventure. Below, we’ve put together all the information you need while you’re at Equitana, and some of the events we’re looking forward to most.

Quick Info

When? November 20 – 23

Where? Melbourne Showgrounds

Why? Because you ride on the weekends and wish you were riding during the work day. Because love horses, of course.

What to do?

There’s such a huge range of things to do while you’re at Equitana this weekend. So incase it’s a little overwhelming, here’s a list of our 5 must see events.

1. Watch ‘Way of the Horse’ unfold in front of your eyes.

It’s like being behind the magicians curtain, Way of the Horse, because you get a unique understanding of the way in which a horse is broken in as a foal. It’s a fascinating process, and at Equitana, you get to watch some of Australia’s leading horseman go head to head in competition. This year’s finalists are Bianca Gillanders, Bruce O’dell and Kane Lamperd.

So make sure you’re at Way of the Horse this year, to see how Australia’s best horse trainers in their unique methods of starting and breaking young horses.

2. Cutting

Yes, we’re biased, but cutting is our favourite horseback event. Catch it at the showgrounds this year, It’s at the Grand Pavilion on Sunday, November 23. It’s the Australian Open event, featuring 20 of the best riders and horses in all the land.

3. Get a ticket to the whole shebang

Tickets for the entire four days are expensive but modest for the experience you get. Experience all of the competitions, the exhibitions and education programs at the showgrounds all weekend, for $337 (adult) and $327 (concession/child).

Get your tickets online: http://www.equitana.com.au/tickets.html

4. Learn a little

With a world-class education program at Equitana this year, you’ll have no trouble learning whatever it is you’d like to know. So whether you want to hear from a dressage champion, discover a little more about styling or grooming techniques, or health tips, you’ll find it all at Equitana. More here: http://www.equitana.com.au/education

5. Explore the world of breeding

You’ll find plenty of information on breading at Equitana this year, and the open, relaxed environment will help you find all the answers to your questions on breeding, bloodlines and training.

for more, visit www.equitana.com.au