Imperial Float & Gooseneck Insurance

Horse Float and Gooseneck Insurance
Your clients Imperial horse float and gooseneck can be insured today with Affinity subject to the following conditions being met.

The purchaser MUST complete the application themselves, (excluding the Credit Card payment details(which Imperial can enter as it is paying for the policy). Once the application is complete the purchaser must press the Submit button.

Imperial Staff are not able to give any advice in respect to insurance policies and any questions, must be referred to Affinity.

Liberty Specialty Markets 
Our Horse Float and Goosneck insurance is underwritten by leading global and Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) approved insurer, Liberty Specialty Markets.

Affinity Insurance (Brokers) Pty Ltd trading as Affinity Insurance Brokers is acting under an authority given to it by the insurer and is acting as the insurer’s agent and not as your agent.


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